Lucy Powell MP Poses An Interesting Question Concerning ‘Pairing’

Lucy Powell MP was incorrectly accused of being lazy by the sun. She had not been attending The House but what the sun didn’t know was that she was pregnant and on maternity leave. She did continue to work at home during this time though so her constituents were still being represented.

Powell said, “Of course, I’ve had a few months off from Parliament this year because I’ve been on maternity leave and I’ve had a baby.

“While I was having a baby I was still doing all of my constituency case work and lots of other aspects of my job, I just wasn’t going down to London to actually vote because I had been paired.”

Now this ‘Pairing’ concept needs looking into. ‘Pairing’ is an arrangement between two MPs of opposing parties that allows them, with the agreement of the whips, to miss votes in The House.

Hang on then, so no matter what the argument put forward in The House their votes have already been decided. So the debate is utterly pointless: nobody is listening.

Well we know that by the amount of sodding about with phones and tablets that goes on.

It also raises the question that if all they need do is ‘Pair’ then why do they need a second home in London? Certainly those who run up the most in Travelling Expenses should be forced to ‘Pair’ to save the public purse from unnecessary costs.

It also makes you wonder how many of them have ‘Paired-Up’ but are still claiming for the second home as if they were living there. We wouldn’t put anything past them.

Like so many of the things that go on at The House there are double standards. ‘Pairing’ is great if it suits the MP but is ignored where it benefits the Taxpayer – We Are NOT All In This Together.

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