Gollum Gove Gets Grammar School Kicking Now

It has not been a good week for education minister Gollum Gove. His flagship Discovery school has been kicked into touch and now the Ofsted chief has criticised the current Grammar Schools.  The very schools that Gollum loves.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools in England says, “Grammar schools are stuffed full of middle-class children and they do not improve social mobility.”

He also said that the selective system was not the way to make up ground on other nations in these rather vague Pisa tests that Gollum holds so much store by.

Sir Michael told The Field: “Grammar schools are stuffed full of middle-class kids. A tiny percentage are on free school meals: 3%. That is a nonsense.

“Anyone who thinks grammar schools are going to increase social mobility needs to look at those figures. I don’t think they work.”

“The grammar schools might do well with 10% of the school population, but everyone else gets treated like shit.” (or something like that)

Poor old Gollum, one could almost start to feel sorry for him……as if!

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