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Crosby & Textor Decide There Are ONLY 12 Pictures Of Cameron Allowed

According to Central Office Who Must Be Obeyed there are just 12 official photos of our wonderful President Prime Minister. Takes some believing but the Nasty Party are now out for total control of the media. These are the ones … Continue reading

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Nigella Lawson’s Assistant May Be A Reader Of The Field

The Guardian reports what we thought already!! Use the link to see what we are talking about. LINK

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Dorchester Gaol Closes For The Final Time

It has been open since 1305 but we have witnessed the closure of Dorchester Gaol.  Hundreds gathered in North Square to mark a ‘sad day’ in the history of the county town. Governor Carole Draper told staff that, “Dorchester was a high-performing jail and the decision … Continue reading

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Hanningfield, The £300 A Day Man, Had Been “Preparing Myself”

Hanningfield found he just had to pop-in to The Lords to help because he said he, “was preparing myself for what I’m doing now and during this term I’ve been speaking and asking questions.” Having ‘previous’ the Daily Mirror thought … Continue reading

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