Greg Barker MP Hopes He Is Still An Energy Minister

Greg Barker, Tory Ginger Energy Minister, is very keen on fracking. He thinks it’s great and always seeks a high profile whenever he gets the chance.

Since Sunday night some people in the country have been without any form of power in their homes. Electricity lines came down in the storms and homes were flooded and property ruined. Five days on now and for some poor folk this situation has not changed. As you can imagine this has attracted a great deal of publicity.

"A Hunting I Will Go!"

“A Hunting I Will Go!”

Given these facts one would start to wonder what Energy Minister Greg Barker has been doing to resolve the problems. On Boxing Day Greg Barker decided that the best thing he could do was to go hunting. He thought the most appropriate thing he could be seen to do while people were suffering was to go hunting and have himself a jolly good day out.

Tally Ho! What a damn nice bloke. He was so pleased with himself he even Tweeted it so as everybody knew what he was doing. No conscience whatsoever!

So Pleased With Himself

So Pleased With Himself

By the way, this IS the same Greg Barker who, back in 2009, was accused of making a £320,000 profit on a London flat he made expense claims on by the Daily Telegraph. He also claimed £43,058.10 this time around. He also claimed £109,291.99 for ‘Staffing’. Well that was money well spent. LINK

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