The Ashes Backlash Begins

We love it when a story comes together and this has some key elements for us. The BBC, a radio reporter, a newspaper reporter and defeat in The Ashes.

With the cricket world in England reeling at defeat to the Australian team their main radio man, Jonathan Agnew went on some sort of a BBC licence-fee payers jolly with his wife! As reported by the sports reporter Charles Sale, of the Daily Snail Mail, they had a 3 day rail trip riding from Darwin to Adelaide.

This got Sale’s gander up as he pointed out that what with players going home early, sledging out in the middle and defeat in Brisbane all ‘Aggers’ and his wife could do was tweet about their trip and keep their blog up to date. Probably lining-up a book deal as they travelled!

Unfortunately dear Charles Sale is not quite the ‘Ace Reporter’ he may like to think he is. The problem for him, given his licence-fee payers rant, is that Jonathan and his wife had been commissioned to write the piece about the journey by train by the, now this is a little embarrassing, Snail Mail on Sunday. Oh bugger!

But We Do Wonder What He's Doing Writing For The Daily Snail

But We Do Wonder What He’s Doing Writing For The Daily Snail

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