BBC Allow Cameron To Show Just What A Smarmy Git He Is

Sycophantic Andrew Marr had one of the loves of his life on today when Off-Shore Cameron adopted human form for the morning show.

Following the pre-arranged script to the letter Marr was “ever so ‘umble” as he allowed Off-Shore to present his Nasty Party manifesto without any challenge to the ‘promises’ being made. It really was stomach churning to watch as misleading comments which were open to interpretation were simply allowed to pass by. Lynton Crosby must have been delighted.

Speaking with forked-tongue on The Andrew Marr Show, he claimed: “I want people, when they reach retirement, to know that they can have dignity and security in their old age.” Notice that phrase, “when they reach”, what age Dish-Face? 70? 75? 80? All accepted by Marr without question.

Everything was going great guns until Marr unwittingly exposed his hero to the guests he had sitting on the naughty bench. LINK TO SHOW

{Jan 2015 Update: In the run-up to the General Election it seems this less than flattering clip of Cameron has mysteriously become unavailable! Who’d have thunk it?}

{New Update: An edited version can now be found at LINK and it just occurs in the last minute – go up to 25:00. Marr still steps in to cut it off though. Certainly looks like somebody didn’t like it.}

Wind the clip up to 56:00 and watch it from there. His smarmy face appears and then watch how he has to adopt his repeated, “Calm down dear” approach to women who challenge him at 57:40.

As the Young Ones once said, “What a complete and utter bastard!”

Women voters take note of the way this smarmy git treats women because he is a serial offender.


“My Dear, Let Me Explain This As Simply As I Can” or something like that

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