Useless Eustace Claims Cuts Have No Impact On Flooding

Useless -Eustace, after Owen Paterson and……, has to be the biggest joke in the Govt. He is the Minister for Floods. Now in the real world this is a very, very important post – we are based in Dorset so you don’t need to tell us much!

This sad excuse for a politician has a difficult job, He was sent out, in front of the guns, to tell us that cuts, after cuts, after cuts in flood defence will have no impact on flooding. This is because all the CUTS will be in the Back-Orifice and efficiency savings. We really, really believe this tosh!!!!

Does Useless-Eustace actually believe this crap he is coming out with? He looks like  an idiot so it IS possible.

How on earth do these utter toss-pots get away with it?


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