MPs Carry On Mugging The Taxpayer!

It was 4 years ago that our two-faced, lying MPs were exposed as the bunch of money grabbing gits we always knew they were. Well the news is that nothing has changed.

From last August and September our pointless pieces of piss claimed £4.58 Million. They couldn’t give a shite.

Anyone seen Gordon ‘Is A Moron’ Brown of late? No, neither has anybody else but he has still managed to claim £1,012.75 of our money! How?

It is interesting to see just how tight-as-a-ducks-arse some of these MPs are. Nick ‘Pointless’ Clegg took the trouble to claim for a Tipp-Ex correction pen, a mouse and a bottle of Rapid correction fluid. What a tight git.

Charles ‘Fancy-a-Bevy’ Kennedy manages to compose an advert that cost £839.76 for us to run in the Scottish Highlands. Why?

Seems some of our MPs believe they should always travel First-Class, especially if they are not paying! Tories like David Jones, Anne McIntosh, Paul Maynard and Sheryl Murray top this list.

Labour doesn’t mind charging the taxpayer though. The likes of Ed ‘Talking’ Balls, Shaun ‘Two Butlers’ Woodward, Louise Ellman, John Healey, Frank Field, Clive Betts, Wayne David, Linda Riordan, Steve Rotheram, George Howarth, Phil Wilson, Ronnie Campbell, Stephen Hepburn and Kevan Jones are all happy that we pay for their travel.

They also made some extravagant claims when Off-Shore Cameron recalled Parliament because of the pointless debate concerning Syria (we were never going to war over that!).

Steven Gilbert sprang us for £274.40 and Brian Binley did us for £496.70.

We also got stung for ‘Legal Costs’. This is an utter con but none of them will look into it. It involves MPs employing their mates to check their conduct and, obviously, is not open to price-fixing in any way!!!!

William Hague, Chloe ‘Paxmanned’ Smith, Angela Eagle, Nicholas Soames and Peter Bonehead all charged us £577.70. Yes, all the same amount!!!

Then there are some odd ones like Hillary Benn, who has a photocopier that cost all of us £1,291.17 to run. They must be ####ing good copies!!

For all of these money grabbing bastards we still reckon the worst offends are Austen Mitchell, Anas Sarwar and Robin Walker. They took the trouble to fill in a claim form and had it processed for a pencil sharpener that cost……. 2p. Oh dooooo piss off!

Thanks to Jon Craig for exposing this.


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