The Last Great British Eccentric? Stephen Gough

Stephen Gough has just been released from prison in Scotland after six and a half years and he intends to walk home. This means walking all the way to Eastleigh in Hampshire. Now that would be bad enough, but the real danger is that he might end up in prison yet again. Stephen Gough is an ex-Royal Marine so he is very used to walking, even marching. Nothing eccentric about that; lots of people go walking. What he does that is different is that he walks naked. Boots, socks, rucksack and that’s it! Although we suspect there might be a fair old layer of Vaseline in certain key spots! You can catch him at 10:35 tonight, but if you can’t wait here is a LINK to his story.

Latest  news about Stephen – UPDATE and UPDATE 9/6/2015

The Impressive Stephen Gough

The Impressive Stephen Gough


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