Tory Policy – If You Don’t Like It? Just Block It!

The governments own Major Projects Authority produced a report on the HS2 folly but in 2011. You have probably not heard about it though because transport ministers used an ‘exceptional’ power of veto to block it.

Using our money to pay for the report they then decided it was a confidential document which was not intended for publication.

The fact that the report written by the MPA is highly critical of the appalling waste of taxpayers’ money known as the HS2 is, they try to claim, nothing to do with this decision.

The MPA revealed it had given HS2 an “amber/red” rating on its traffic light assessment scale, meaning its success was “in doubt”.

Couldn’t be that some of those riding the HS2 Gravy Train stuck their oar in to block it? What do you think?

new gravy train

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