The Tory Party Spend The Weekend Out Duck Shooting

It’s a pretty unedifying sight really. Cameron and Pickles thinking that it’s fun to take pot shots at a sitting duck. Crosby has clearly had his COBBER FORCE meeting and the troops have been told that Chris Smith is to be hung out to dry.

As usual, the first part of the strategy from COBBER FORCE is to totally ignore the fact that Off-Shore Cameron has been the unelected Prime Minister for 4 very long years now. The fact that he has done nothing except to line the pockets of his Bullingdon Boy Benefactors goes completely over their heads.


Then look for a suitable dead duck and there stands Chris Smith. Throw all the crap his way and keep telling the media that it’s all his fault. Stick with the Crosby Mantra-


At the end of the day, Smith isn’t going to cause too much of a stink because come the summer, he picks up a golden handshake and a very nice pension; don’t you know.

Smith gets thrown overboard and Cameron reckons he comes up smelling of spring water. He’ll install one of his Tory cronies into the post vacated by Smith and carry out a single days dredging, in just the one spot, and claim he has sorted out the world. What a bloody chancer!

He actually thinks he can walk on water!


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