The Mysterious Case Of Whether To Dredge Or Not To Dredge?

….and very importantly, where to dredge!

Well dredging is expensive and it is not the total solution. Many experts have differing opinions on this process so we decided to take a look into it.

We conducted a simple experiment and it does seem to suggest that it is extremely efficient. We took two buckets. Let’s call them Bucket A and Bucket X for clarity. We filled each bucket to the very  brim!


We then poured each bucket, in turn, into a measuring jug. We were surprised to see just how much more water was in Bucket A! Conclusion: A dredged river holds more water.

It would seem to be a No-Brainer but Cameron and his Coalition decided not to spend the money on dredging.

Although that isn’t quite true! Oddly enough, one river has had a lot of dredging. In fact it has been dredged TWICE since 2007. It happens to be The River Windrush which, by some odd coincidence, just happens to be in Off-Shore Cameron’s Oxfordshire seat. Now there’s a funny thing!

Off-Shore was very proud of what had been done and he even told his local paper the Oxford Mail: “(One of the) reasons why Witney has not flooded nearly as bad as last time is that this time dredging was being done under the bridge.”

Just remember: “Money Is No Object” especially if it is used to protect people who vote for me. LINK

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