Harriet Harman, The Daily Wail & The Tory Past

We are not too sure, other than a very pitiful attempt at a smear, what the Daily Wail thinks it’s up to. Having said that, we are not even going to waste time on The Tory Toilet Roll except to say one thing. Andrew Pierce is one of the nastiest, most spiteful, unapologetic little shites there is so anything he says is treated by us with the complete and utter contempt the little low-life shite deserves.

Harriet Harman finds herself in a difficult position. She is in this position more because of her own reaction than anything the Daily Wail has printed. It’s been picked up by spin-doctors over here, but we are pretty sure it started a way back with an American PR guru. Wish we could remember who he was.

The gist was simple; if the shit has hit the fan then get the whole bucketful out in the open immediately. The thinking was simple. If the public are told everything the chances are they will only remember bits of it. It’s only from these bits you need to defend yourself. If it comes out, day after day, drip by drip, then you have to defend yourself for days on end about everything!

As we have seen with The Floods, if there is nothing new to report the media tires very, very quickly.

What is interesting, of course is the Tory history of a leader who was more than happy to be seen has being a friend and admirer of, someone who has been described as, ‘a sex offender who may have been Britain’s most prolific sexual offender’.

Seems the Tories would like this rather uncomfortable episode to be deleted from the Interweb – some bloody chance!

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