Cameron Way Too Vain To Ruin His Hair With Headphones

Off-Shore Cameron is so concerned about his balding head that he simply refused to accept a pair of headphones that were offered to him. Fearing that their removal would expose his bald skull he choose to decline the headgear that would enable him to understand German.

He thought that if he sat next to Nick Clegger, who can speak German fluently along with several other languages, nobody would notice that he was fearing a Bad-Hair day.

We understand he had been to his personal barber, Lino Carbosiero who he gave an MBE to in order to buy his silence over his Bald-Spot, had spent several hours sorting out his barnet for the day. Having paid £70, reductions available for OAPs, for the day he was not going to have a pair of headphones ruining his ‘look’.

Although this was a pivotal moment in his relationship with Angela Merkel his own personal vanity  meant he didn’t have the slightest idea what she was saying.

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