Pretty Clear Any Talk Of ‘Economic Recovery’ Is All Election Tosh

Gideon Osborne, the man who has never found any company who would employ him, who struggles with maths tries to claim success with the economy. Now we all know he is witless, but that doesn’t prevent him making a complete arse of himself.

IF there was any economic success for anyone other than the 1%, then two things would be happening. First would be the Interest Rate would go up. Homeowners would be able to cope with the rise and those, like pensioners, who have to live off of their savings, would finally get something for saving their money.

The second point would be that the country could easily afford to pay higher than the rate of inflation rises to its core workers. They can afford a Tax cut for those on £150,000 but can’t fund an above inflation rise for NHS staff. COBBLERS! They DON’T WANT TO FUND an above inflation rise for NHS staff. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The lying, two-faced gits are still in line for an 11% pay rise. What a bunch of low-life, crooks and they are all in on it! They will all take the money and claim it was ‘forced’ on them. Gutter snipes.

It’s the Budget next week. We wonder, who is currently writing the load of cak Osborne will try and read out on Wednesday? Someone a darn sight brighter than he is!

"Know what? I STILL don't have a bloody clue!"

“Know what? I STILL don’t have a bloody clue!”

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