Osborne Is So Out Of Touch He Actually Thinks A Drop Of 1p A Pint Is Significant

The poor bloke really is an idiot. He jumps up and down with glee as he announces a drop of a whole penny per pint. A PENNY!!! Gosh, we are all totally underwhelmed.

pints-beer smug gg

So after a damn good night out we will have saved all of 20p! Not even enough for a packet of pork scratching! Mind you, Gideon lives in a world that is not part of this universe, so he probably has no idea what they are.

The little Tory Toad Shapps, the horrible little git, even comes up with a poster to patronise us all telling us what a great idea it is. If you got hold of a geneticist to put together a truly obnoxious little git they would do well to improve on the likes of Shapps. Getting down to just 400 days now and it can’t come too soon!

"Off EVERY pint mind you!"

“Off EVERY pint mind you!”

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