Cameron Feels The Heat From The Energy Companies

Realising that Energy Companies are a hot-potato Off-Shore Cameron decided to best defence was attack. He checked in his Sir Humphrey Appleby book of dodging and then confirmed the action with Lynton Crosby.

The voters want something done about them, but the Energy Companies have far too much clout to be treated with the contempt they deserve. He must be seen to do something! Anything!

The obvious solution to the Energy Companies problem is to set-up an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) which could easily take 18 months, maybe longer! This drags it out way past the next general erection and if challenged by the public he can pull ‘that’ face of his and tell them, “It’s being investigated and I wouldn’t want to pre-judge their findings”.

With only the Big Six being the focus of the investigation you do have to wonder what the hell they will find to do to fill the 18 months!!! Farce.

It’s all utter tosh of course. Typical spineless Cameron response to everything, leave it for another day……….unless it’s a tax break for the wealthiest in society.


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