IDS And McViz Sent Out To Defend The Indefensible

The BBC has carried out a little investigation into The Bedroom Tax. That’s The Bedroom Tax for those hard of reading. They discovered some interesting figures.

  1. 5% used to move home, according to Grant Schnapps
  2. 6% move home now, according to the latest report
  3. 28% of those affected are now in arrears

Only the likes of IDS and McViz could ever be proud of those figures so it will come as no surprise that McViz believes this is not “a failure”. We do wonder, what might an unmitigated disaster look like?


Of course from the Tory Private Landlord’s point of view, this is wonderful news. The Govt. doesn’t have anything like enough 1 bedroom homes to meet the demand so the only alternative is to fill the coffers of Tory Private Landlords like Earl Cadogan, Lord Cavendish and our very own Richard Drax. They must be rubbing their hands with glee!

But let’s play a little Devil’s Advocate for a moment. From the time the occupants moved into the property, which of these two have changed? Have a) a room or rooms been removed from the property or b) the number of occupants increased? We have a funny feeling that maybe significant.

For those struggling, like the tory party, with The Bedroom Tax try this simple example. Suppose you keep chickens in cages of different sizes. You have a 1 bird cage, a 2 bird cage and so on. Now it just so happens that you decide to eat a chicken in a 4 cage. You’ve now got 3 chickens in a 4 chicken cage. But you don’t have any spare 3 bird cages! What do you do? Simple. You threaten one of the 3 remaining birds that they could be roast dinner tomorrow!

No! Of course not! The tories wouldn’t treat plebs as if they were mere chickens! It’s a joke! Just like The Bedroom Tax. It’s a joke!

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