The Maria Miller’s Tale Still Being Told: A Tale Of A Chancer

Miller was caught ‘abusing the parliamentary expenses system’. In our world that means she was on the fiddle and would be called a crook.

She is allowed to claim for her mortgage under the rules they made-up for themselves, however, she over-claimed for her mortgage and then made a profit on the sale of that property of over £1,000,000. In our world this would be called fraud and the Boys In Blue would be beating your door down at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Not only did Miller over-claim for a mortgage, but she then got in a huff and failed to co-operate fully with the investigation into her conduct. In our world this would be called obstructing the police in their duty and you would be charged or, at the least, given a warning.

This is started A YEAR ago and the Tory Party has been desperate to kick the story into the long grass. On this occasion it has been The Telegraph who has revealed what Cameron and Crosby would rather we didn’t talk about.

It started when, over a four year period, she made claims that came to over £90,000 for a second home. Doing this for four years means you were pretty keen to do it! The thing is about this ‘second home’ is that it was the first home that her parents were living in. She claimed for the home they were in rather than the cottage she actually was renting!

In February this year the Miller’s sold the house they had bought for around £230,000. It went for a staggering £1,470,000. Now the trick is that she claimed the interest on a mortgage from us, the taxpayer!

At this moment in time the only ‘sanction’ that an inquiry by parliament has dealt out is that she repays just £5,800! Yes, £5,800 – we have not missed any noughts out!

Whenever the inquiry has asked for information Miller has dillied and dallied to the extent that she has strung out the inquiry for 18 months. We would imagine this has all cost the Taxpayer an absolute bloody fortune!

After all this, in our world we would be spending a little time at Her Majesties Pleasure in one of her well appointed hotels such as Ford Open Gaol.

Just remember though, we are ALL equal under the Law and we are ALL in this together.


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