The Nasty Party Prove They Couldn’t Help The Scarecrow, The Tin Man Or The Lion

We took our own Dorothy and her friends along to the Home Office to see if we could find three things. The Scarecrow didn’t want much, he just wanted a brain to think things through and apply common sense. The Tin Man only wanted one thing and he all he wanted was a heart so as he could show a little compassion. The Lion was probably the most demanding as what he wanted was the courage to do what intelligent people would think was the right thing to do. Even if that might break a tiny little rule.

Now we looked high and low all around the place. We even managed to bump into Tess May but we couldn’t find anyone who could help us. So we left without a working brain, without a heart or any soul and totally lacking the courage to do the right thing.

We left the Nasty Party with a very nasty taste in our mouths.


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