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Fracking Hell! Why Does It Feel Like We Are Being ‘Drip Fed’?

Probably because we are. Those who are in favour of Fracking, that would be the people looking to make a quick buck out of it, are trying to present the case that it is all sorted. Everything is fine and … Continue reading

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Onshore Fracking Subsidies Would Be Scrapped By Tories

It was a very bad line direct from Tory Central Office but we are pretty sure this was their statement – The Conservatives have said they will not subsidise new onshore Fracking if they win the 2015 general erection. Energy … Continue reading

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The Royals – Just How Dumb Do The Media Think We Are?

The level of trivia that has been broadcast and printed has reached a new level. The term ‘trite’ wouldn’t be too harsh. Sky News has been toe-curling but the BBC has managed to sink even lower. The Royals have dared … Continue reading

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