Fracking Hell! Why Does It Feel Like We Are Being ‘Drip Fed’?

Probably because we are. Those who are in favour of Fracking, that would be the people looking to make a quick buck out of it, are trying to present the case that it is all sorted. Everything is fine and it will happen. They are desperate to suggest that forcing millions of gallons of water at high pressure under your house is perfectly normal. They are happy to offer this vision because they intend to have made off with the money by the time your home sinks into some hideous quicksand substance, never to be seen again!

Don’t imagine for one moment any of these three chancers will be anywhere to be seen when that first crack appears in the wall in your living room!

The Gang Of Three

The Gang Of Three

The story they are peddling today revolves around ‘COULD’. Well lots of things ‘could’ happen but when you can’t drink the water and your house is a pile of rubble that potential will sound pretty hollow.


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