Onshore Fracking Subsidies Would Be Scrapped By Tories

It was a very bad line direct from Tory Central Office but we are pretty sure this was their statement –

The Conservatives have said they will not subsidise new onshore Fracking if they win the 2015 general erection.

Energy Minister Michael Fallon said any Fracking not granted planning permission before the erection would not get funds as the UK would already have enough Fracking to meet 2020 EU targets.

He also said councils in England and Wales would be given the “decisive say” on new onshore Fracking from 2015.

‘No more needed’

Mr Fallon said, “Renewable energy, including onshore Fracking, has a key role in our future energy supply,” he said.

But we now have enough bill payer-funded onshore Fracking in the pipeline to meet our renewable energy commitments and there’s no requirement for any more.”

He also said his party would change the law within six months of winning the 2015 erection so all onshore Fracking applications would be handled by local planning authorities.

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