At Least One Tory Has Finally Done The Right Thing – Resigned!

Patrick Mercer was caught with his pants down, figuratively speaking. He was suspended from the House of Commons for allegedly asking ‘Cash for Questions’ some 6 months ago. He was filmed, undercover, agreeing to push for Fiji to return to the Commonwealth in exchange for a back-hander likely to be £4,000. Pretty small feed when you consider he claimed £34,742.51 in expenses last year and a further £102,947.37 is these curious Staffing Payroll claims.

By resigning he has provided our duplicitous politicians with two dilemmas. The first is for the new ‘chosen one’, in the form of Robert Jenrick, who will stand for the Tories and the other is for Nigel Fromage. Fromage is standing as an MEP on 22nd May but it will be interesting to see, given all his front, if Fromage actually has the balls to stand for erection in the Newark seat.

If Fromage were to win the Newark by-erection it really would be a substantial feather in his cap! The problem is, with just a year to the full General Erection, if Fromage were to be given a good kicking then his entire party could disappear without trace before even reaching the starting line.

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