What Our Oxbridge Politicians Struggle To Grasp – Even After Today

They seem to be very confused as to what their role is. They are elected to represent the will of the people. They are accountable to the people and are little more than an individual who is voting on behalf of the people who voted them in.

Our professional Oxbridge politicians don’t see it like that. They believe they are there to tell us what to do. Indeed, they think that even though significantly more voters did not endorse them than voted for them they still have a mandate to vote. Not just to vote but to vote in the way they feel is best for the people, regardless of what the people actually want. They increasing make it obvious that they feel they are better than the people. If fact, much, much better than the people and that we have a nerve to ever question anything they say or do.

They get very upset when we tell them that they are only there for themselves and to line their own pockets. They get very upset because they know it’s true.

When they start claiming how wonderful they all are there is a simple test for them: What have you done to reduce the number of MPs from the staggering 650 in the house? The answer, of course, is ‘bugger all’.

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