PCC End Of Year Report – You Remember Them?

Hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since we had those exciting elections for our own local PCC. A year and what a difference they have made! Sorry, that should read, a year and what difference have they made? LINK

Our Dorset one got elected on a turn-out of just 16.34%; pretty dire. Kent elected Ann Barnes on a turn-out of 15.99% and is the subject of a documentary tonight on Channel 4. Barnes is the one who appointed the 17 year-old, Paris Brown {surely a clue in the name!}, to be Youth PCC but then had to resign after she went on a twitter rant.

Ann Barnes Paris Brown Twitter

Interesting to note that the salary of £70,000 to do this Mickey-Mouse job is still on offer. This is even when the ‘winner’ is only voted for by 7% of those eligible to vote. We reckon that makes 93% who had no interest in her!

Some politicians talk about the low turn-out in union ballots! Chancers!

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