What A Wonderful Day For Our Legendary Leader

Good old Off-Shore Cameron really stuck-it to those Euros! Left them with a right old bloody nose and good hiding they will not forget in a hurry….. it says here in a Press Release from Lynton Crosby out of Central Office. Tail between his legs might have been nearer the truth.

Isn’t it odd, when you totally crap on all of your neighbours they seem very reluctant to help you when your shed roof blows off! Obviously Off-Shore would never understand such a Morality Tale as he has never lived where he’d have any neighbours.

Well you would never call Gideon a ‘neighbour’ now would you?

So nice to see Cameron trying to pretend he has not had his arse kicked! All on the same day as former adviser to Off-Shore Cameron, Patrick Rock, has been charged by police over illegal child abuse images.

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