BT Broadband Outage Apology Just Not Good Enough These Days

BT users were unable to connect to the Interweb this morning, inconveniencing some 7 million users. A spokesman said, “We’re sorry for any trouble this may have caused.”

Now in the past this would not have been a great issue, pain in arse, but not a great issue. These days IT IS. On a Saturday morning commercial sites would have been looking for trade from online customers but these were denied access. That’s just not good enough. LINK

As usual, here in the UK, we are being short-changed and ripped off. Not everyone has the speeds claimed in the adverts, if anyone. Note how many include the catch-all line, “Up To”. What this means is that you’ve got no chance but we’ve found one person who does, who lives in the telephone exchange!

We are also ripped off with the charges. How come we are still paying the same now as when there were only about 25 of us using the bloody thing? What has been the growth in profits of these companies?

The infrastructure needs to be far more robust these days so as none of us have a morning when it doesn’t work. Saying ‘sorry’ is too easy – where is the rebate for those who lost what they have paid for?

So what have Cameron and Clegg done about any of this? Talked a lot of hot air, as usual, but they have actually done bugger all other than leave it in the hands of BT and, as we saw this morning, that is just not good enough.

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