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If You Are Out Hacking Then You’ll “Need Friends”

Funny old world. In the lyrics of that old Max Bygraves tune, “You Need Friends!” There are a lot of people who claim, “It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.” We’ve no idea what relevance that is to anything … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Knitting Too Heavy For Lamp-Posts At The Tour de France

Seems the lamp-posts around Cambridge are made of stronger stuff than those around Yorkshire. No longer can the cry of, “Southern Softie” be levelled at those in Cambridge. LINK Seems the knitted bunting that had been prepared for the Tour … Continue reading

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Cameron Realises We Were Right About PCCs From The Very Start

A Police and Crime Commissioner was this ‘wonderful’ idea brought in by headless Tories who believed they had finally come up with an original idea. It was a total farce when they thought of it and was even worse when less … Continue reading

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Protest In London Today – “No More Austerity” Censored By Our Media

It is quite likely that this is the first you have heard of this. That also includes people who live in the UK. This march through the centre of London, the capital city, has been airbrushed out of the news … Continue reading

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Does The PR Guru Appointed By Ed Milibland Have Any Idea About The UK?

We’ve always had our doubts about political leaders appointing a PR Guru from overseas. We have our doubts because we are convinced they don’t understand what we want. Their advice is geared to what they think we ought to want. … Continue reading

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