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Cameron ‘Speaks’ To TheField Even Though He Is On Holiday!

We met up with Dave in the garden of The Turf Tavern on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. TheField:      Certainly takes me back a fair few years sitting here again. Dave:         Yes, all the Bullingdon Boys used to meet here before … Continue reading

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Who Can Remember Back To Cameron & May Setting Up Butler-Floss?

Certainly seems a long time ago now. If we didn’t know better we’d suggest that ‘Off-Shore Cameron’ and ‘May-Day, May-Day’ had kicked the inquiry into the very, very long grass. Quite handy that they have all gone off on their … Continue reading

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This MUST Be Enough To Lock-Up Clarkson!

Clarkson and his use of a racial slur broke broadcasting rules according to Ofcom which must mean, if Ofcom has any balls whatsoever, that Fatboy Clarkson must serve time at HM Gaol. On his pitiful attempt at entertainment on a trip … Continue reading

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Anyone Would Think A General Election Was Less Than A Year Away!

Ed Milibland was the first to start it. Ed said, “I think what we need is a Public Question Time where regularly the Prime Minister submits himself or herself to questioning from members of the public in the Palace of … Continue reading

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“Choice dependent on wealth; those are the Tory words.” Tony Blair

Old loveable Tory Bliar really did come out with some utter cak. He has been explaining that ‘we’, he’s got some neck on him, have got it all wrong! He’s not the money grabbing, self-obsessed, egotist he always comes across … Continue reading

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So Why WOULD You Want To Play Tennis With Cameron?

It can’t be to pick-up any tips! The bloke looks like he can barely remember which end of his bat to hold! He can probably duck-and-dive better than Boorish Johnson, which isn’t saying a lot. Obviously, if the opposition start … Continue reading

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Who Remembers Cameron And His ‘Hug A Husky’ Cak?

All utter twaddle from Comrade Cameron as usual. That was during his ‘Green’ Phase which lasted about three weeks. The latest ‘Treat The Public As Green As Grass’ policy is to scrap the community veto which allows local politicians to … Continue reading

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Just How Duplicitous Is Two-Faced Cameron?

Off-Shore is great at giving advice to other world leaders but he never, ever listens to himself. He has this ‘head-up-his-arse’ attitude that makes him believe that everything he despises in others simply don’t apply to him. Clearly Lynton Crosby has … Continue reading

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Royals Parade The Latest Member We Have To Pay For: Happy Birthday Indeed!

Looks more like his dad with every day that passes.

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