What Are We To Make Of This Change In Education Dept?

Has Off-Shore Cameron really made a change to his education policy or has he just swapped Gollum Gove in a cynical PR stunt for a female one? Well that’s where our money is.

Just look at the ‘Team’ Capt Morgan is leading. With Nick Morgan there is Nick Boles and Nick Gibb. Bloody Hell! It sure helps to be called Nick! Organising the finances is that so trusted David ‘Rent-A-Room-Out’ Laws, then there is Ted Timpson, Sam Gyimah and Lord Nash. So what do this bunch of misfits all have in common? You’ve got it in one! They were ALL Privately Educated and yet Off-Shore Cameron claims, “This is a team that represents Britain.” What an arse.

So what do any of them know about state-education? Well they have no-more idea of a state-school than they do of being treated in an NHS ward. Not a bloody clue.

So what has changed? You’ve guessed; Bugger All!


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