“Choice dependent on wealth; those are the Tory words.” Tony Blair

Old loveable Tory Bliar really did come out with some utter cak. He has been explaining that ‘we’, he’s got some neck on him, have got it all wrong! He’s not the money grabbing, self-obsessed, egotist he always comes across as. No! He’s nothing like that.

“I’m not worth as much as people say… Cherry is asking where it all is,” he quipped. “Nothing like the £100m that has been predicted,” he insisted. “Not even a fifth of that!”

Leaving the audience with the clear idea that Bliar could now be worth very close to a whopping great £20m…….. that’s what he’ll just about admit to anyway. Then again, of course, we all believe everything Tory Bliar says. {Hey, Tone baby, where are those WMD again?} LINK

They reckon Milibland looks odd!!!

They reckon Milibland looks odd!!!

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