Who Can Remember Back To Cameron & May Setting Up Butler-Floss?

Certainly seems a long time ago now. If we didn’t know better we’d suggest that ‘Off-Shore Cameron’ and ‘May-Day, May-Day’ had kicked the inquiry into the very, very long grass.

Quite handy that they have all gone off on their Holly-Lee-Daze! Butler-Floss, who was brought in to clean through all the cracks and crevices, was actually quite useful for Off-Shore. It gave him time to move on. Initially it appeared he had ‘done’ something but it was soon revealed she had some connections with the inquiry. This meant they, Cameron & Day, could first defend her, then say how wonderful she would still be and then announce they would look for another.

Just enough time to slip into the extended Holly-Lee-Day that our bone idle MPs enjoy so much. Now ‘Fleet Street’ {we know}, ‘Fleet Street’ are off on their holidays and will not bother to report much until September. Let’s be honest, ‘Fleet Street’ are struggling to report on the evil in front of our eyes – an abuse trial doesn’t really grab their attention.

So what are we left to think? Well here in the office it looks a lot like the establishment is just continuing with the cover-up. It’s bad enough to turn a blind eye and do nothing. It’s even worse to provide false hope to the victims while you know, the whole time, that you have no intention, whatsoever, of getting to the culprits.

Let’s hope that all of us here in the office are wrong…………but we doubt it.



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