Cameron ‘Speaks’ To TheField Even Though He Is On Holiday!

We met up with Dave in the garden of The Turf Tavern on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

TheField:      Certainly takes me back a fair few years sitting here again.

Dave:         Yes, all the Bullingdon Boys used to meet here before we headed out to paint the town Blue.

TheField:      So then Dave, tell me, what you think about all these Union members paying their monthly subscriptions?

Dave:         Well it just can’t be right. It’s not good for Democracy either.

TF:           How do you make that leap there Dave?

D:            Well, I mean, all those grubby £10 notes being collected from thousands of individuals? A system like that is wide open to corruption! Is it your round?

TF:           No Dave, you tight arse, it’s your round. How on earth can you call a system that spreads accountability amongst thousands in any way corrupt?

D:            All it takes is a few dodgy Union leaders and the country could be brought to its knees! Do you see how that works??

TF:           So what do you favour Davie-Boy?

D:            Real nice drop of Bitter this one, nicer than that fourth one we had. Much better that a Party relies on a few, well connected, very wealthy donors. You know where you are then.

TF:           Who do you suggest? Same again?

D:            Cheers! Good people like Dougie Ellis, Jim Wates and Jimmy Lupton. Now they deserved the 2 CBEs and a knighthood they received for a mere £370,000 between them!

TF:           But didn’t those three just buy trinkets in exchange for funding a Nasty Party?

D:            Well yes, but at least they are not corruptible!!

TF:           You might want to leave the car here, Davie-Boy, and walk to your flat!

D:             You could be right. Sam! I’ve made a bit of a mess again!


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