Teenagers Far More Tech Savvy Than Grown-Ups: Yeah Right!!

We’ve heard some tosh today! Reports from journalists who, years ago, were the first to call computer users like us ‘Geeks’. They have been pretending they know what they are on about. The journalists know sod all and then imagine they can assess others!

So what has been the ‘bench-mark’ for this imagined ICT-literacy? They can use Facebook, they use Twitter and they can use one of the instant messaging services. Wow!

Let’s go back to basics {that’s a little joke for those who do know computing!} Can they take a desktop apart and then re-assemble it? Can they replace a burnt-out graphics card? Could they overclock the processor? Would they know what might happen if they did? Could they increase the RAM? Have they ever defragged a desktop or a laptop? Can they install software and then download the relevant updates?

Can they create something with the new software? Something like a webpage, an animated graphic or manipulate a graphic without using the pre-loaded effects?

You get the idea. Can they actually do anything that is in anyway creative other than switch it on, type into a text box, load MP3 files onto a player and watch something on a catch-up service?

Yes we are miserable old gits who were writing in Basic for Commodore Pets long before the Age of the Mouse! If the Press carry on like this they will end up convincing people who can top-up their radiator regularly they really are qualified F1 motor mechanics!

Commodore Pet

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