Mark Simmonds MP – The Epitome Of How Out Of Touch Our MPs Truly Are

So a bloke who represents Skegness struggles to cope with the idea that that-there London is some 140 miles away. Did it not occur to him that either a lot of travel would result in being elected or a lot of staying away from home?

Maybe he just thought, like so many of them, that he really didn’t need to do too much for the money?

He did manage to get 21,325 people to vote for him but that was out of 70,581 who were eligible to vote. His True Percentage was only 30.21%; less than a third.

Interesting to see just how hard-up he has been. Apart from any other income he has been on £89,435 a year. We’ve a funny feeling that might be a tad above the average wage. On top of that he pulls the ‘Only My Wife Would Work For Me’ routine and employs her at the cost to us of between £20k and £25k. Obviously, she is the best qualified to do the job.

He is also eligible to claim £27,875 towards rent on a home…..there doesn’t seem to be anything in the rules to prevent him adding to this out of his own pocket. Strangely this doesn’t seem to have occurred to him.

He has found life so difficult that he has resigned from the government but, and good on him, he is prepared to soldier on for the next 8 months and keep drawing a salary. What a top bloke!

What is interesting is to recall a year ago and the time of the vote in the House concerning Syria. You may remember that Off-Shore On-Holiday Cameron lost that vote and it then emerged some of his MPs had gone missing. Seems Mark Simmonds and Justine Greening were both missing, together. So while 500 or so MPs where making the floors of the House shake, neither of these heard a thing. They both missed the vote. TheLINK

Let’s not mess about with what is behind all this though. This dreadful git is actually suggesting that MPs should be paid more and that if they were he would stay on. Well he can bugger-off right now because even when the useless git IS here he forgets to vote! Tosser.


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