Record Number Of Students Means It’s An Early Christmas For Private Landlords

The figures from the admissions body Ucas show that a record number of students have had their university places confirmed this year.

The number of students with places at UK universities for this autumn now stands at 412,170, which is up 3% on last year at the same time.

According to Ucas, the figure could eventually top half a million! So far, 360,500 students, getting on for 70%, have places on their first choice course. Some 31,540 have had places confirmed on their second, with a further 80,030 people still waiting to have offers confirmed.

The Money Charity has warned that these university students are being “set up to fail” as accommodation costs leave them with as little as just £40 a week to live on!

The charity said halls provided by the university were “not cheap”, at around £420 a month outside London and £554 per month in the capital. WTF!!

It’s no wonder Off-Shore Cameron has been encouraging his Help–To–Buy–To–Let scheme! All those additional students and everyone one of them needing somewhere to live! The private landlords just can’t believe their luck!


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