The Police And Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election Farce…..Again!

These have been a constant source of amusement to us. A small sample of our links is listed at the bottom of this article. It has been the biggest, unmitigated, waste of public money this heaven awful coalition has inflicted on us and it is up against some very stiff competition.

Only a self obsessed egotist such as Tess May could even begin to imagine that such a scheme was viable, required or feasible. The thing is, if you are conceited enough to imagine you could be Prime Minister then you will believe even your own cak smells of roses! What a dreadful woman.

The West Midlands PCC election had the mind-numbing turn-out of just 10.4%. In the real world that’s 9 out of 10 recognised the post of PCC as the pointless-piece-of-piss it is and told Tess May to bugger off. It cost close to £4 million to hold which means, roundabout, £20 a vote! Maybe Tess May might like to help-out Birmingham from her personal wealth? We thought not.

Seems some bloke David Jamieson is now the PCC for West Midlands. The others have been paid £70k and upwards but there seems to be a reluctance to tell everyone what Jamieson is now on for his 102,561 votes. We are not surprised!

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