Remind Us: How Long We Have Suffered The Coalition?

We reckon it is 4 years and 3 months and in all that time they have had a Secretary of State for Health. Currently the post is held by Jeremy Isa Hunt and he took over from the arrogant, smug git referred to as Andrew ‘Murder, He Wrote’ Lansley.

Now these two seem to have been very busy over these 4 years and 3 months but sadly it seems to have been in trying to Privatise any part of the NHS they feel they and their weasel friends can make a shilling out of. Having significantly lined their own pockets they still fancy a few ‘bob’ more. In order to have a second go they will need people to vote for them – which could be a tad tricky.

Lynton Crosby was probably the one who gave them the idea for a populist ‘vote winner’ – Parking Charges! So after, 4 years and 3 months, Jeremy Isa Hunt has decided that hospitals charge their visitors far too much to use their car parks. Gosh! Shock! ONLY taken 51 MONTHS to work that out!!

As usual though, don’t expect ANYTHING to change any time soon but Jeremy Isa Hunt will keep going on about his idea: be fair, he doesn’t have many.

We started off asking for a reminder and at the end we’ll ask for another. With all this coalition action and new ideas all of a sudden – when is the next General Erection???

hospital charges

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