On A Quiet Newsday The BBC Report On The Mayor Of That-There London

You can tell it has been a Bank Holiday in England. Clearly, nobody in the BBC could be arsed to do anything but they still had hours of TV and radio to fill. What to do? What to do?

So there he was, like a Bad-Night (sic) with a Gleaming White Helmet! Just like a well trained Pavlovian Dog they prodded him and he starting growling and slobbering.

The BBC was over the moon to be able to report something that the Mayor of That-There London had said. They didn’t need to travel far and they were certain of a photo call and few dumb-arse comments. As usual the BBC got them from their resident ‘always up for a quote’ third-rate political figure. They were now able to fill a good 10 minutes, each and every hour, with the cak he so regularly comes out with!

The bonus here was that the BBC could then ring up a wide range of real politicians, also doing nothing on a Bank Holiday, just to point-out what total load of cak the Mayor of That-There London had indeed spoken! Kerr-Ching! Bonus time at the BBC!

Now then, unlike those at the BBC, WE know that there is more than one Mayor in the country. Truth is that outside the M25 there are loads of them! We are pretty sure if the BBC had bothered to poke each of them with a stick each of them could have also said something that the BBC could have ‘reported’. Strangely enough, nobody at the BBC thought to do that. To be fair, outside of the M25 is a bloody long way to go on a Bank Holiday!!


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