Is Boorish Mayor Of That-There London Trying To Be Funny?

So the Eton, Balliol College, Bullingdon Bully Boy, egocentric, selfobsessed Boorish, who does actually have a ‘job’, likes the look of a particular seat at the next Parliament. This would be for what he hopes will be his Erection in just 8 months times. Well that’s a nice way to treat those loyal Tories who thought they might stand for that particular seat and had been working on it for a couple of years. What a nice bunch the Tories are – they are even happy to shaft their own. What chance have we got??

Now here at The Field we reckon Boorish has got a tad confused. He misheard the potential seat name and believes he could be going to be offered a Chair at Oxbridge, whereas his aides have lined him up for a Seat at Uxbridge. Prof. Johnson? Leave it out you clown!!

Let’s just remember a couple of highlights from the Boorish Johnson diary:

  • He really enjoys a cigar, but wait, he doesn’t have that cigar case anymore! He may or may not have nicked it, but he had to give it back to the police!
  • He is so in touch with The People that he referred to his income of £250,000 a year for a few columns in a rag as “chicken feed”.
  • Yes, he is a total knobhead



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