Douglas Carswell Calls The Cameron Bluff On Europe

Clacton is not represented at the House of Commons right now, but then neither is any of us here in TheField Office, because Douglas Carswell has heard enough of the Cameron Can-Can as old Off-Shore dances around on the head of a pin.

Off-Shore Cameron will  allow the people of this country to vote on their own future if it’s a Thursday, if the weather is warm, if it’s not rained, if he feels like it…if, if, if. All utter tosh and the increasingly familiar Cameron Can-Can“I Can But I won’t”.

Douglas has looked at all this bar-dancing from Off-Shore Cameron and has decided that it’s time he jumped ship and leave the chancer to get on with it. Some might say things like ‘frying pan’ and ‘fire’ but if Carswell feels more comfortable with Nigel Fromage then good luck to him.


Now Carswell is a funny old bugger and very often seems completely ‘out to lunch’ but now and again is does show some worthy characteristics. This occasion is one of those. He’s standing down as a Tory MP to join UKip. Now he could hang-on for 9 months, draw a salary and top-up his pension. Douglas has more integrity than that though.

He’s forced a by-erection in Clacton which he could possibly lose. Probably not but he is doing the right thing and re-presenting himself to the voters. There are very, very few politicians who have the balls to do that. The other week that spineless Mark Simmonds showed us all he doesn’t have a pair of bollox as he treads water, doing bugger all for 9 months, because £120,000 a year plus expenses is not enough for him to live in that-there London.

Nobody here would vote for Douglas Carswell but that doesn’t stop us referring to him as a man of honour, integrity and honesty……….qualities that those at the top of the political ladder sadly lack.


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