The Loveable Mockney Oliver Now Goes After Brian Turner

That loveable Old Mockney Sparra’, Jimmy ‘Jamie’ Oliver is back with yet another {stop yawning} cooking show! Do what, as it happens, in me Dad’s pub, all the local produce, Oliver has finally exhausted the entire larder at the River Café and there is nothing left to ‘alf-inch. What more could our cooking Del-Boy do other than move on to another TV cooking great and raid their larder?

Jimmy ‘Jamie’ Oliver is going to return to the Nation’s favourites and re-heat re-hash create traditional dishes but with that TV special ingredient – a twist! Looks like the Crafty Mockney has got hold of one of the books from Brian Turner and applied his very own – special twist! {we know just what we’d twist}

So what British Classic has he come up with first? A Burger! There was us thinking it was American. Who knew?


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