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It’s Great That Fiona Woolf Is A Reader Of TheField

Within an hour of us publishing ‘Why She Should Step Down’, Fiona Woolf-Woolf did step down and resigned as the head of an inquiry into historic child sex abuse. Took her long enough……..or was it EXACTLY the delay that C … Continue reading

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So Why Should Fiona Woolf Step Down?

When the basis of the inquiry into Abuse is considering the allegation that there was an establishment cover-up, possibly going to the very top of the social tree, then the appointment of Woolf-Woolf looks very curious. Perhaps it’s even worse … Continue reading

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Looks Like Woolf-Woolf Needed a Little Help From Her Friends In High Places

We hope we are not barking up the wrong tree here as we do feel a little like a dog that won’t drop his bone. The trouble is the curious appointment of Fiona Woolf–Woolf is a tail (sic) that just … Continue reading

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PMQs: Is It Time To Knock It On The Head?

Is there any point to Prime Minister’s Questions anymore? It used to be a time when the Prime Minister of the day was asked questions about what the hell he or she was actually doing about anything. It was an … Continue reading

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Why Do The Authorities Feel So Threatened By Stephen Gough?

Dear Stephen, a frequent addition to our blog here, has lost his case at the European Court of Human Rights. Stephen likes to wander around in the nude but his Human Rights don’t extend that far it seems. This lifestyle … Continue reading

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Security For The PM? A Right Shambles More Like It!

We have been fortunate to secure {which is more than they did with Cameron today} the insight from NCIS Special Agent Green. She was happy to run through the trail of disaster that went on in Leeds today. The Numpty is … Continue reading

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For All Liz Truss MP Fans – Find Lizzy The Easy Way

The easiest way to find the reports here in TheField all about Liz Truss is to use the simple search facility to the top-right of this article.

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Cream Legend Jack Bruce Passed Away Today

Bassist Jack Bruce who, along with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, formed the legendary supergroup Cream has passed away today at his home in Suffolk. All very sad for anybody who loved him or knew him or simply loved his … Continue reading

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Calling ALL Managers – Keep Your Secret Tactics Safe Just Like The Top Managers Do!

Are you tired of the opposition training their high-powered binoculars on your team bench to lip-read your plans? Are you tired of trying to cover your mouth to hide your lips while pointing at the pitch? Are you concerned that … Continue reading

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TheField Is Confident That Miliband Will Be The Next ‘Great’ Prime Minister

There is still time and The Labour Party would have a much better chance of winning the next election if only David Miliband was their leader. Those MPs with their feet under the table will continue to claim that Ed … Continue reading

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