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It’s True – Jeremy Hardy Reads TheField

Great edition of Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation tonight with a clear reference to an article from TheField from December 2012! We are delighted to have been included in JHSttN and are more than happy to provide our readers … Continue reading

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Like A Good Politician – Cameron Promises The Earth

Always sounds good but it soon starts to unravel. They really ARE all the same: stale crusts today but there WILL be jam at some time in the future, as long as nothing blows us off course or interferes with … Continue reading

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On The Bright Side – Cameron Didn’t Come Across As A {Total} Cock

All pretty toe-curling. Not quite as bad as the pitiful Milibland effort last week but the constant ‘staring into the distance’ got a tad trying. Top Field Tip – if the plebs already consider you a joke then don’t try and … Continue reading

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