Grant Schnapps Left To Pretend That Everything Is Going To Plan

What a patsy Schnapps is! Left out to dry like a wet pair of Y-fronts in full view of the pleb-like gaze. Desperate to make out that Clacton and Heywood went exactly the way Lynton Crosby had planned it, Schnapps wears a dumb smile and comes out with some utter cak.

He seems very keen on this idea of ‘going to bed and waking up’ along with a ‘vote for them means a vote for’. The look of a man clutching at straws is difficult to remove from our mind.

What Grant Man-of-one-Hundred-Names Schnapps doesn’t like to tell us is that a vote for Off-Shore Cameron means another five years of Gideon the Gidiot running us plebs into the ground while he, along with all his Tory cronies, get awarded Tax Cut after Tax Cut. Now that’s an image that will be impossible to remove!!

Sitting-in-bed-with-BOTH tag

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