Fact-Hunt Provides Tristram With No New Clues

If Hunt seriously thinks that the best thing he can do for education and teachers is to get them to give an oath of allegiance then he is an even bigger dick than we here first thought he was.

One would love to know where a bloke like this can get such an idea from and then, to make matters even worse, promote it to his number one concern. The claim is it came from a Fact-Hunt to Singapore; we can only imagine quite a lot got lost in the translation.

The bloke is Gove-Lite. Every appalling idea that Gollum Gove came up with has been fully embraced by Hunt. We are not fooled by the change of face-mask by substituting ‘Mumsie Morgan’ for Gollum as the Tory policy to destroy our schools goes on into its fifth year. Whoever takes over in May 2015 does not inspire any of us here – the creeping privatisation goes on.


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