Boorish Johnson Shows What A Bully Boy He Is – Again

The Bullingdon Bully Boy, Boorish Johnson, shows the world again how, when he doesn’t get his own way, he resorts to the role of the Eton Schoolboy Bully.

This time it was small boy running past him and he couldn’t resist sticking his foot out to trip the poor lad. Oh what a jolly jape! It’s so funny when Boorish does that! No it’s not, it’s pathetic.

The Bullingdon Bully has form on this front and again it was captured on film. On this shocking occasion he decided, while playing football, he would tackle an opponent – rugby style. To be fair, having only ever attended public schools he probably is very easily confused.

Now Boorish just laughs these incidents off and his Tory Trolls think it’s all a spiffing-wheeze but some of us are left very worried. This is what he is prepared to do in the full glare of the camera. Just what might the Bully Boy Beat Up if he thinks nobody is looking? What was that about having a journalist beaten up? LINK

Two Videos Follow: UPDATE – There is now a third.

UPDATE: The latest excess from Boorish makes you start to wonder what this bloke has about battering into small children. We’ll leave you to think about it.

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