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Liz Truss Looks To Put Dick Drax In His Place

Good old Liz Truss has spoken out against hideous solar panel farms that are cropping up all too frequently. Dear Liz referred to large-scale solar farms as “a blight on the landscape”. Lizzy then went on to say, “I want … Continue reading

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Portland Bill Lighthouse To Get A Visitor Centre

The great Dorset landmark has plans to add a brand new visitor centre as part of the overall facility. This will mean that one can climb up the 134 ft high lighthouse out on the edge of Portland. Plans are … Continue reading

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It’s The Politicians That Come NEXT That Worry Us At The Field

Threats of violence, of any kind or description, are not to be tolerated. That applies equally to the Interweb as it does to the real world. Few would not recognise what the vast majority would say is violence – it’s pretty … Continue reading

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