Why Is Gollum Gove STILL Ruining Our Schools?

What was that dear reader, “Wake up! Nicky Morgan is in charge of Education now!” Yeah, right, of course she is.

The Great Gollum Gove Educational Experiment where a bloke, whose only experience of education was that he happened to go to Public school, decided that he knew far more about teaching children to the age of 19 than people who have been involved all their lives. He thought he could do it better than anybody else. Exactly where the evidence was for this assumption could be reviewed is known only to Gollum Gove himself.

There is no problem if an arrogant, pig-headed, know-it-all-know-nothing has designs above their intellect. The problem comes when another arrogant, pig-headed, know-it-all-know-nothing puts them in charge and then let’s them implement their crazy scheme.

You do have to worry about a load of Public School Boys pretending to know about State Education. The worry thing with Off-Shore Cameron is that, until now, it has been Public School Boys.

So how successful has this Experiment on the next generation been then? Well in 2013 the A* to C pass mark was achieved by 59.2% of pupils. In 2014 the same grade range was down to 52.6%. A drop equalled only by the likes of Tesco!

So have we seen Gollum Gove, by way of a Nicky Morgan face-mask, come out and apologise to all our teenagers for using them as experimentation subjects and then failing them? Yep! The silence is deafening.


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